Restoring Your Faith, it’s good for the soul!

I am a 40 year old southern wife and mother of 8 kiddos.  I have three biological sons ages 21, 20, and 18; four adopted children, and a bonus son.  The boys ages are 11, 11, 9, 7, and a little girl age 5.  I homeschool our elementary aged children, with the exception of my bonus son.  I am also a student at the International University of Metaphysics / University of Sedona Seminary Division working on my bachelor’s degree in metaphysical science and working towards becoming an ordained minister. As if I didn’t already have enough on my plate, I decided to start this blog as a way to document my spiritual growth. I hope to not only inspire myself, but to also inspire and encourage others along the way. I mean after all, aren’t we all just lost souls trying our best to make it home?  Like I said perviously, I am working on becoming an ordained minister. I have no idea what exactly I am going to do with my ordinance. I definitely never thought I would chose this life path since I am in no way your typical idea of a minister! All I know is I love God, I love people (well for the most part *wink *wink), and I can’t keep ignoring the calling God has laid upon my heart.  I hope you all enjoy my writings and get some insight or inspiration through them. Thank you for checking out the page! If anyone should have any questions or prayer requests feel free to reach out to me. Love and blessings to all.

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